There are several search engines available to users. Among the best are Google and Bing. However, there are some things Google has that Bing doesn’t. 

6 Things Google Has That Bing Does Not

Since the arrival of Bing, in 2009, there has been a constant competition between Google and Bing. Before that, Google had been reigning the internet since 1998. Due to the extra time Google had to get acclimated, Google has some advantages over Bing.

Site speed.

When it comes to the speed between the two search engines, Google takes the cake. When someone searches for something, they want to get the information they need, as quickly as possible. Google always seem to get you to your destination much faster than Bing does.  In addition, site speed does matter and this will show as it is a new ranking factor.

Relevant results.

If we’re talking about things Google has that Bing doesn’t, one of the first things that comes to mind is relevant results. A majority of search engine users would agree with this. Typically Bing can come up with basic answers the same as Google. However, when it comes to tougher queries, Google is better with matching results.

Google Docs and Gmail.

Want life to be a little easier? Google is trying to make that happen for you. Google Docs and Gmail are perfect for business owners, and even just everyday users. These are two things that Google has and Bing does not; therefore this will improve the user experience.

More marketable for businesses.

Due to Google’s efforts of making business marketing a bit easier for entrepreneurs, businesses are getting noticed a bit quicker. Through ads and producing more relevant searches locally, Google provides a better chance for businesses to optimize.

Mobile-first index.

Recently, Google decided to make its move as a mobile-first search engine. Google’s efforts to bring the best, quickest, and most accurate results to mobile users helps it stay on top of the search engine list. Google is the main search engine on Android devices, and has recently even become the default search engine on an iPhone.


From having the most relevant information and a longer existence, Google has developed a better reputation. Bing has not been around nearly as long as Google has. Despite their efforts to continue to better their search engine, Bing just cannot seem to pull ahead in the search engine race.

While Bing may have some few minor advantages, Google seems to remain the leader and always come out on top. If you are an avid Bing user, let us know why they lead your search engine world! Questions or comments about our online optimization services? Give us a call today, and we can discuss different ways to move your business ahead (even if it’s through Bing).




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