When it comes to optimization, there is plenty you can do to supplement your page and improve your chances of online success. One of the biggest ways to help your business flourish is through the use of keyword research.

Did you know there are over 3.2 billion people using the internet? Naturally, that makes for a ton of competition when it comes to SEO. So what can you do to make sure that your page stands out? How do you ensure your page comes up on the top of a SERP (Search Engine Result Page)?

Keyword research has always been one of the leading SEO methods to do this. If you read through our last article about keyword research, you can probably gather why it’s become so vital for success on search engines.

7 Ways Keyword Research Trumps Other SEO Practices

We aren’t saying by any means that other SEO practices have become irrelevant. Because, trust us, they haven’t. Many factors go into optimization, we’ve just found a majority of goals are met when implementing a proper keyword research strategy. Which brings us to this question: What makes keyword research such a fantastic SEO practice?

  1. Competitive intelligence increases.
  2. Opportunities to understand your target audience.
  3. Optimization will be easier.
  4. You’ll learn more about Google and how to rank.
  5. The way your audience thinks will become apparent.
  6. Content marketing is simpler.
  7. Keyword research can also help decide your SEO budget.

Competitive Intelligence

You may think that keyword research ends at plugging words into your content. However, it goes much further beyond that. Keyword research actually gathers and analyzes information about your field, to show you what your competition is being noticed for. Competitive intelligence simply gives you a bit more knowledge on what companies, similar to yours, are gaining traffic from.

Target Audience

Perhaps you’ve tried using keywords before that you haven’t quite found successful. If that’s the case, it’s important for you to know that not every keyword works for every audience. Keyword research gives you a better idea of what your target audience is looking for. Once you know what they’re searching, you’ll know what keywords to push.

Easy Optimization

In general, keyword research can begin helping you with your overall optimization. If you’re trying to get top-ranking spots on search engines, plugging keywords into your content and pages (without keyword stuffing), can be extremely beneficial. When you use strong keywords, you begin to come up on search engines. The more searches you come up on, the more traffic you receive. Which, naturally, means more business!

Google Knowledge

Being noticed on search engines is paramount. Therefore learning more about Google and the needs Google presents, is unquestionably important. Getting into keyword research means you have a better chance to dig deeper into what search engines are looking for.

Thinking Like Your Audience

We mentioned above that keyword research helps you to find your target audience. Well in addition to knowing what your audience is looking for, keyword research can also help you to predict upcoming keywords. Similar to social media, you can almost see the trends developing. There are several keyword research tools that will show you what keywords are rising in popularity.

Content Marketing

Tools like WordPress focus heavily on helping your content marketing strategy be successful. WordPress even helps you to plug in the keywords you’ve found most popular when using a plugin like Yoast or All In One. After that, they’ll give you information on the usage, and any changes that should be made.  If your keyword strategy isn’t up to par, your content marketing plan could fail.

Optimization Budget

Last, but certainly not least, is budgeting. When it comes to search engine optimization, certain practices could become costly. In our opinion, you should definitely set aside some funds to maintain your keywords on paid ads! Most tools will present you with the volume, position, and cost per click (the price you pay for each click in any campaigns you run).

Keyword Research Without Fail

It is never a bad idea to get the extra help needed for SEO success. There are keyword research professionals like those of us at New York SEO Training Academy who are standing by and ready to help when needed. We come with over 20 years of experience and knowledge in the field of SEO. Call us at (888) 736-7766, to get the process started!

What’s your goto Keyword Research practice?

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