It is no secret that Bing and Google have been in a silent competition for the past several years. While the differences between Google and Bing aren’t always too prominent, users are typically completely committed to one or the other. People tend to poke fun at Bing, however, the search engines may not be as different as you perhaps thought.


The Beginning of Google

Did you know Google was named after a ‘googol’? A ‘googol’ is the name of the number 1, followed by 100 zeros. This name was chosen to help represent the virtually endless amount of information it holds.

Originally founded in 1998, Google quickly became a widely recognized search engine. Anything that you needed answered, you could find on Google.


The Debut of Bing

Bing came along further down the road, making its debut launch in 2009. The creators of Bing decided to keep the name simple and easy to remember, in hopes of simplicity being the major drive to gaining popularity.

Bing, originally created by Microsoft Corporation, currently holds the second place in top search engines in the world.


Differences Between Google and Bing

Competition in the search engine optimization world is always heavy, and strategy is extremely vital. Have you considered that the various differences between search engines might also be a deciding factor? If Google and Bing truly function exactly the same, why do we need both?

Truthfully, you don’t need both, but optimizing your website on more than just one search engine, will generate more direct traffic. Should you decide to optimize on more than just Google or Bing alone, it may be a good idea to become familiar with the key differences for each.



Google has been around much longer than Bing, so naturally Google takes the cake when it comes to popularity.

It is difficult to determine the exact number of Google searches conducted per day. However, the estimated number of Google searches falls just over the 4.5 billion mark, while Bing generates around 873 million.



When it comes to the biggest differences between Google and Bing, the layout is not one of them. In fact, both look extremely similar, but there a few small layout differences.

For example, when you begin typing in the Google search bar, you receive four autocomplete suggestions, while Bing provides eight.

Additionally, when using image search, Google tends to be a little more user friendly. Although, it is important to note, the Bing offers more advanced options for what you are looking for.


Search Results

For more generic searches, both search engines typically deliver accurate results. In my opinion, Google algorithms are a little more advanced. Therefore, when you use Google to generate search results, you should expect to see information a bit more relevant to your search.

Ultimately, Google does a better job at organizing and generating results. It almost seems that Google does a better job at crawling the sites, and determining the most accurate, secure, and functional web results.


Optimize Your Site For Google

At the end of the day, your online marketing plan should revolve around gaining traffic and authority. So naturally, you want to be where the action is happening. Whether you seek SEO coaching to help you, or do your best to market independently, it is crucial to optimize your website on Google.

Remember, while Google is the leading search engine, it is not the only effective search engine. Branch out, and try the ones that you find most useful. What works for you and your website, might not work for others.




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