Generally, Bing Ads are very similar to Google AdWords. A lot of people may feel inclined to go with Google AdWords if they are making a choice between the two, since Google is the number one most used search engine.  However, if you have thought about using Bing Ads in the past, you’re not wrong.  If you’re asking yourself, “Does advertising on Bing work? Is it worth a try?”

Advertising on Bing does work.  There is less competition and it’s a great platform for smaller companies to make a big impact on the ad market.  If you’re wondering if jumping on the Bing wagon is worth it, below are the 4 important things you didn’t know about Bing Ads:

Does Advertising on Bing work?  Here are 4 Things You Need to Know

1. Bing Ads are cost-efficient. Advertisers can receive numerous benefits from advertising with Bing.  Bing Ads uses AdWords auction which has cheaper costs per click and better ad positions.  According to Wordstream, extensive managed services clients who used Google Ads and Bing Ads had lower search CPC’s on Bing resulting in 33.5% cheaper CPC in Bing.

2.  Advertising in Bing allows you to assign different campaigns in any time zones. This makes sophisticated ad scheduling manageable and far easier to use. Especially if your business reaches internationally.  Bing Ads basically opens up various options at the ad group level that allow you to quickly adjust a setting for a particular ad group without the effort or hassle of creating a new campaign to make a change.

3.  Bing Ads has the flexibility of targeting and control over search partner targeting and search demographics. Along with tracking exactly which search partners are directing traffic to your site.  You can exclude a particular search partner without opting out of all other partner sites. To do this, you simply click on the campaign settings and add the particular website to website exclusion.

Furthermore, Bing Ads offers the ability to control which age and gender demographics visit your search ads. This can be controlled at either the ad group or campaign level within Bing Ads.

4.  Bing Ads has numerous unique advantages that Google hasn’t offer yet. When it comes to social extensions, Google shows your Google+ followers but Google+ simply doesn’t have the audience to make this as valuable as it could be.  Bing, on the other hand, began testing automated social media extensions in 2014 which includes showcasing Twitter followers an advertiser has right next to their ads.  This gives you an easy and clear idea of social engagement.

Bing Ads has a lot to offer.  It is an easy way to attract more traffic at an affordable cost. Bing statistics have gradually grown over past years and reportedly grew to 19.7% of the US search market share this year. If you’re considering using Bing Ads, don’t think twice!

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