With how effective email marketing has become, many businesses are starting to dip their toes in and try just how much it can improve their business. For those who are wondering how they can up their game, you might want to consider adding graphics to your emails.

Email Marketing Images Will Improve Your Engagement

Email marketing images add visual interest to a usually verbose and one-dimensional content. It allows readers to remember your message, because it has visual appeal, and it breaks up the text into more digestible chunks. Graphics also give you more liberty to be creative and different from the content of other brands’ emails.

To help you find the best images that fit your email content and concept, here are the most popular sites different brands use.



If you’re looking for high-quality photos that are not as usual in generic image collection sites, then this is where you should be looking. They have over 47,000 free photos from different photographers for different purposes. The photos are not as curated are other sites, so they’re not a specific niche or all with a similar aesthetic. However, it’s still a great photo resource, especially for creative projects.



Despite being only being hosted on a Tumblr accounts, Unsplash has some of the most artistic and beautifully taken photos that you will ever find online. Once you subscribe to their account, you will receive 10 photos every 10 days that you can use for whatever project you have in mind. These photos will be sent directly to the inbox of the email you used to subscribe.

Like their photos, the browsing experience is also very unique. The site’s layout is very minimalist and catered to photos that they feature. It’s definitely more artistic and curated that the other sites on this list.



Pixabay has one of the biggest collection of images available online. They have everything from vectors to drawings and high-resolution photos. If you’re looking for images to use without wanting to spend money on them, you’ll be happy to know you can use all their resources for free and without attribution.

Their site is also easy to use because of they offer a small collection of curated sets of images that you’ll see on the homepage. Pixabay also has a search bar where you can input the specifics of the photo you’re looking for, and the site will bring up the most relevant results.

With the right images, you can create stunning email marketing images that will bring your connection to your audience to the next level!  What’s your favorite image source?  Let us know in the comments below!


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