Paid search ads are a necessary strategy when you are starting to form your SEO strategy.   As effective as pay per click ads are, they can be very intimidating for beginners. There are plenty of horror stories from small and medium enterprise owners who say that their attempt at paid search ads failed to generate.  This is primarily from a lack of experience and understanding when it comes to creating the ad itself.

Any marketing tool requires a certain skill set to pull off, and this includes paid search ads. There are a lot of benefits that come with paid search ads, and it has been effective for the companies that know what they’re doing. To help you better understand paid search ads, here are the top three ways to fail.  Keep reading and learn what to avoid!  

 Form Your SEO Strategy Avoiding These Paid Search Ad Mistakes

  • Not Understanding the Audience You Want to Target

The key here is balance and research. You really have to understand the behavior of the clients you want to target. Don’t use words that you think represent your business. Instead, use words that clients look up that may refer to your service, directly or indirectly. Remember that the prerequisite to success is being seen by an audience that is actively searching for something that you can offer them. This tool is made for a consumer centric approach, and you can use different tools (like a Keyword Planner app) to help you with that.

  • Keywords Are Not Strategic.

Finding the right keywords is half the battle with paid search ads. If you’re using generic keywords that every other brand uses, you’re bound to compete with most companies who may be spending more than you. Conversely, if you are using keywords that are too specific to your brand and don’t have historical search volumes, your paid search ad efforts will also fail.

  • Lack of Filters

You wouldn’t hand out flyers for a vegan restaurant to someone happily eating a double cheeseburger, right? Sure, some might try it, but the chances of conversion are lower. The same logic follows for paid search ads. You have to use negative keywords to filter where your paid ads show up. That way you are able to prevent them from popping up on irrelevant searched terms. That will just cost you money, with a low chance of converting the person who clicked your ad.


10 Common Mistakes In B2B Paid Search


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