When it comes to link building, we’ve discussed many times the importance of finding quality links and forming relationships with those sites.  There are some basic techniques you can use to approach sites about link trading and also to form links online with the sites that will benefit you.

 Link Building Techniques Start with Building Relationships

To help you better approach quality sites for link-building strategy opportunities, here are some things you need to do:

Do Your Research

Think of links as a recommendation.  By asking for a link, you’re asking for a referral.  Some sites will count on this and already have a link building option available.  Make sure you research the proper person and method to reach out so that you can go through all the right channels.

Start with your Short-Term Plans

There are certain sites that carry authority without even needing to build a connection first.  An example of this is directory sites.  Finding directory sites with good standing is a great way to get your information out there.  Make sure you enter your info and your website.  Niche directories are even better, so look for those industry-specific directories to give yourself a boost.

Think Long-Term with Your Big Winners

If you’re looking at a site you really want to get involved with, think long-term.  For example, if you want to link trade with a blog that has a huge following in your community or network, you need to build a relationship first.  Start by commenting on a blog post or their social media. Work your way up to an email, perhaps with a question or compliment about something they’ve done, as this QuickSprout article suggests.  The goal is to eventually arrange a guest blog or interview that will link to your site.

Add Value, Not Spam!

No one likes to see Spam on their site.  The best way to get noticed is to provide something valuable.  For example, your comment on a blog about fishing could be your favorite equipment, along with a note about how useful the blog was to you.  Or, you could ask a specific question that gets people to interact.  When you email them, don’t jump right into what you want from them.  Ask a question about a specific topic, or offer to provide a review since you found their blog so helpful.  Giving instead of thinking about what they can do for you will form long-lasting relationships and could turn into developing be a great online technique!



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