We are in the “look it up online” age, where people have grown increasingly reliant on search engines for their every need. If a pipe bursts, they Google experienced plumbers in their area. If a patient wants to check his doctor’s credentials, they’ll go to the site and compare it with others.  This need to look things up creates online opportunity for businesses to reach their potential market.  One way to ensure that you rise up in the ranks of search engines and reach the right people who are looking for your business or service is through link building.

Link Building Tools Ensure You Can Do The Job Right

Link building is not as easy as one may believe.  It specifically requires up-to-date information on the most effective links to use, so you can catapult your site to the top ranks of search engine results. This is where you are able to get more traffic for your site that you can then convert to customers. You shouldn’t try to do it on your own.  Link Building, like any task, requires the right tools for the job.  To help you with link building, here are some of the best link building tools available on the market.

Ahrefs is a very comparative site that allows you to look into the how your competitors are faring. That way, you are able to adjust your strategy to either take them head on or try something entirely different. This tool also directs you to different techniques you can try to outrank your competitors. If you’re in an industry where the competition is stiff, this is a great way to delineate your brand.

Pricing:  Basic plans start at $99.00 and upgrades range up to $999.00 per month, with discounts for purchasing annually.

This tool boasts the largest link index database and is celebrated by almost anyone who does link building – from entrepreneurs and SEO specialists to developers and media analysts. It shows you how websites all over the internet are able to link to each other, using their wide link intelligence database.  Majestic offers a variety of tool packages which include anything from backlink checkers to keyword checkers.  They even have a Trust Flow measurement tool that allows you to gauge the quality of your links and clicks to see how authoritative your connections are.

Pricing:  Majestic Packages start at 49.99 a month quarterly or 79.99 monthly and can cost up to $399.99 monthly for the most advanced users.

This tool focuses on 3 aspects that are essential in link building – namely, research, customization and management. In the research process, you are able to look at different prospects you’re trying to target and build a profile that allows you to assess their influence. That way, you are not wasting time with people you cannot convert.

Customization allows you to be as personal in reaching out to your prospects as possible. That translates to your prospects feeling more engaged to your brand than any other. Once you have a prospect hooked, then you need to constantly manage your site to meet their expectations. All these functions are comprehensively addressed by this tool.

Pricing:  $24.00 – $999.00 per month

MozPro  (https://moz.com/products/pro/features)


MozPro offers a variety of link building and research tools.  These allow you to evaluate what the most important industry-specific links on the web are so that you can build a relationship with them.  

Pricing:  $99 – $599 per month

Which of these tools is for you?  Let us know in the comments below!


Link Building Tool Review: Ahrefs


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