Did you know mobile users spend more time looking at onscreen searches than desktop users? That’s right! In fact, it’s double the time spent, and in some cases it’s triple time! Mobile search is incredibly useful. Due to mobile search being the leading method used for searches, it is important to make sure your website keeps up with the latest on mobile search in 2018!

Why is Mobile Search Important?

When Google finally decided to implement mobile-first indexing, it was a huge deal. With the information that Google holds through analytics, they knew mobile search would become big. They saw it coming before any of us.

If you want to rank on search engines, you should probably follow what the search engines are doing. Mobile-first indexing was created to help you, no matter what method the search is being conducted on. However, if mobile search is the most-used method of searching information, you have to be sure you’re implementing mobile-first efforts on your site.

Mobile-First Indexing for Optimization

You know using mobile-first indexing comes with several optimization benefits. So how do you make sure your website is keeping up with these new developments?

  • Accelerated mobile pages (AMP’s) are designed to make mobile pages view-able at high speeds. They typically present a website quicker than a desktop page would on a mobile device.
  • Start using a quick response web design. This is important to ranking, because if someone turns away from your page, before it is loaded, you lose a chance to see success in your online business.
  • Use as many tools as needed to help you find information on how your site is operating. Search engines themselves, particularly Google, provide tools to give you direct suggestions, analytics, and most importantly, show you how your mobile site is doing in mobile searches.
  • Eliminate unneeded pop-ups on your page. We often see “sign up now” or “enroll today” notifications come up on pages we click on. Don’t get me wrong, some of that is okay, but if you have too many those, you tarnish the possibility of a good user experience. Therefore, they likely will not return to your page.
  • In addition, you may opt to hire some help, if needed. There are SEO professionals available to you, like New York SEO Training Academy. We are willing to help you along the way, and ensure you are gaining the recognition you need.

Mobile Search Practices That Help Your Site

While we can’t always predict the future of search engine optimization, sometimes we receive a bit of information that not only helps us, but also helps those who seek our assistance. We are always open to suggestions, and information regarding optimization.

So, we’d like to know, what do you find to be most effective strategy with your mobile search practice? What tools do you use to test your mobile page? How do you administer effective mobile-first indexing?




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