We have some SEO consulting advice for blogging you may want to consider. Consistent blog writing is one of the many tools we use at New York SEO to build your online presence.SEO Consulting Advice

If you’re writing a blog, there are some important things you need to do to ensure that the blog is working to enhance and promote your site online.  

Search engines look for certain indicators that help them to deem your site valuable.  The more valuable your content, the more likely you are to be on top of the search engine.  

SEO Consulting – Advice for Bloggers

Our SEO consulting services allow you to use our experts to help you ensure that your blog is offering you exposure.  If you haven’t hired us yet, here are a few do’s and dont’s for SEO when blogging.

  •             DO get your own domain for your blog.  A free domain will not move you up in the ranks as quickly, and will make visitors wary of your credibility.
  •             DO publish original content.  To avoid being lost in the shuffle, you need to have something new to say.  This can also include photography, videos, and podcasts.
  •             DO use backlinks.  If you are blogging on an external site, link to your website on occasion.  Try to form relationships with other bloggers and backlink to each other.
  •             DO comment on other blogs.  You can develop relationships and connections that will be valuable to your venture.
  •             DO share or upload your blog post on social media.  This creates automatic exposure and develops relationships.  
    • If you have a Facebook relationship with a relevant or well-known source, and they share your article, you have instant credibility.  In fact, Google uses social media exposure as one of the factors for determining the validity of an article.
  •             DON’T use random keywords in your blog.  Instead, find out which keywords are generating the most traffic.  
    • The Google keyword popularity tool can help you determine which keywords work for your article.
  •             DON’T buy backlinks.  Google looks for purchased or unorthodox backlinks and they lose credibility.
  •             DON’T alienate your mobile users.  Placing flash or other media that will cause mobile devices to run slowly or to not load your blog will hinder your exposure.  Most of your audience will be browsing through a smart phone, not a PC.
  •             DON’T spam other blogs or websites.  This creates negative activity associated with your name, and can have detrimental results.


            With these simple do’s and dont’s you’ll be on your way to creating a successful blog.  New York SEO offers SEO consulting and training to keep you current on the latest tools for your business.

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