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SEO Services New York

Don’t be fooled by the name. We may be called New York SEO Training Academy but, we offer our clientel a whole lot more than SEO Training alone.

We also offer comprehensive Web Designs & Development, Search Engine Optimization and other Digital Marketing strategies to clients all over the United States since the late 90’s.

New York SEO Training Academy has over 20 years of experience providing expert SEO services and internet marketing strategies for businesses just like yours using holistic methods and ethical practices.

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We Practice What We Preach

Who better to run your SEO campaign than an Search Engine Optimization trainer?

Steve Scott has been licensed and certified by the Search Engine Academy as an Master SEO Trainer since 2006 and has been offering SEO services since 1997.

Not only is he a certified trainer, he sits on the Education Board to ensure all material is relevant and up-to-date. We are not just a Tampa SEO company.

We have helped hundreds of businesses all over the United States and Canada find success in getting their phone or cash registers ringing

List of SEO Services


Have you already hired several different companies that claim to know how to do SEO? Then you find out that nothing has changed with your site except that your bank account balances are significantly lower than they once were. Are you a new company looking to get off to a fast start?

Work with the company that actually trains the professionals on how to do SEO the right way and gets proven results! If you are discussing search engine optimization with people that are just giving you a price without truly understanding what your goals are, then you are dealing with businesses that really don’t know how to do SEO correctly.

Below are many – but not all – of the services that we perform. If you don’t see a particular service that you might require, feel free to contact us.

Website Reviews & SEO Audits

After years of performing website reviews and SEO audit, we have developed a 133-point system for analyzing websites. We cover every corner and crevice of your website to discover what you’re doing right, what you’re doing wrong, what you are not doing at all and provide expert advice on what to do next in sensible priority. Click here to learn more.

Keyword Research and Information Architecture

We use several keyword research tools to find and determine the best keyword phrases that will generate the best leads. Our research can help develop or drive ideas for content development, social media, product development, and menu development.

In-House Corporate SEO Training Classes

Want to have your entire staff trained all at once? Get all your departments on the same page with our In-House SEO Training Classes. Just one week of training can increase your site’s potential and companies ROI many times over.  Ensure everyone on your team can synergize with your website’s SEO. Learn about our Corporate SEO Training.

Local SEO

Get found locally! Mobile is more important than ever. Local SEO helps users find local businesses. We ensure that your local profiles are optimized to ensure that your business’s information is accurate and relevant. Learn More

On-Site Web Optimization

We review over 50 elements on every page of your website to find where your web pages can be optimized to it’s fullest potential. Sometimes even the smallest change to your website’s code can bring positive results.

Social Media Marketing

Social media isn’t a fad, it’s here to stay, and it’s becoming a foundation the human experience. Your business should have a solid social media presence on the major networks and niche networks. We can help optimize your website’s appearance to ensure that your visitors become fans, and those fans become loyal customers and clients.

Email Marketing

Technologies and fads come and go, but email continues to be one of the most important communication tools since its inception. Email Marketing can help reach loyal users who’ve opted-into your marketing for direct and personalized attention to your goods and services. Create automated email campaigns that do most of the work for you!

Video Optimization

Making sure all the available opportunities are optimized can help your videos shoot to the top of YouTube, and Google’s results. Note: We do not do video production or editing.

Site Monitoring and Evaluation

From analytics to discovering on-page issues, our Site Monitor and Evaluation program can provide incremental improvements that will move your website forward.

Website Design & Development

We regularly build, redesign, and optimize websites for a variety of industries on dozens of platforms (although we WordPress).


Stop paying for the top bid, and spend less by using intelligent keyword and demographic research that is trackable, so you can have a tangible ROI. PPC marketing is great for websites that are just starting their organic SEO campaigns, and are looking for that initial jump.

SEO Consulting

Whether you need hourly SEO consulting, a retainer, or just a coach, our SEO Consulting means that you’ll always have someone on your side. Learn more about our SEO Consulting services.

Technical Issues

We’re the company you call when your other SEO company fails miserably. We know because it happens often. We determine that the issues are and actively work to fix it and provide advice on what to look for in the future. Common technical issues include

  • Redesigning or Moving your Site without losing Rankings
  • Identification of Issue
  • Dealing with Google Manual Actions
  • Cleanup of duplicate content
  • Review of Google Webmaster Tools to find and fix issues.
  • Existing Backlink Evaluation and Cleanup
  • Creation and Submission of Google Disavow File
  • txt creation or cleanup

Off-Site Web Optimization

Our industry tools can efficiently detect both problems and opportunities through competitive link analysis, reciprocal link acquisition, industry-driven directories, local and regional directories, guest blog outreach, and much more.

WordPress Maintenance Program

WordPress is THE best content management system. Like your car, it too needs some maintenance every once-in-a-while to ensure your site is running in like a well-oiled machine. We install security software, make scheduled, off-site backups, and ensure it’s running the best it can. Find out more about our WordPress Maintenance packages.

Reputation Management

Keep your business’s repute in top shape with our reputation management. We’ve helped businesses recover from defamatory attacks and reclaim their status as experts in their fields.

Backlink Removals & Penalty Recovery

Antiquated linking techniques now deemed low-quality have hurt businesses with hundreds and sometimes thousands of links from directories, articles, and other poor websites. We can help discover where these links are, request for them to be removed, and then upload a disavow file to help your site get back into Google’s good graces. Click Here to Clean Up Your Links.

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