When you have a business, social media is one of the fastest ways to start getting noticed.  It can also be an overwhelming adventure if you’re new to the online social scene.  The truth is, all social media platforms have their benefits and their own audience.  Eventually, the more platforms you can be seen on, the better.  However, you should always start at square one, and the best way to determine which platform is right for you is to know the major players and what they have to offer.  You could sign up for social media training courses, but a brief overview will help you learn the basics.

Social Media Training Courses Cover These Major Platforms

Here are the major social media platforms that can be used for online marketing.


Facebook is a great platform for online marketing and the perfect stepping stone for those who are new.  You can easily transfer your personal audience to your business by inviting them to your business page, and Facebook offers a lot of features that are appealing to businesses.  Their ad campaigns have excellent targeting and are affordable, the algorithm rewards engagement, and they keep coming up with new ways to get your posts noticed by your ideal market.


Instagram is made by the same people who bring you Facebook, but it revolves around photos!  If you are a photo-taker or in a creative field where showing is better than telling, Instagram is your jam.  This is a popular tool because it builds an audience very quickly and swiftly based on the audience that will be attracted to your account.  


Videos are the news right now, and YouTube is arguably one of the best video platforms available.  It allows you to upload videos, do basic edits, and build a social audience of engagement through video.  Creating content and engaging with your following is the best way to build your YouTube audience.


Can you say what you need to quickly?  Twitter is an amazing social media platform which works around “Tweets”, short simple bullets of copy that allow you to be to the point and clever with your audience.  Twitter is a great way to build an absolutely massive following because it makes engagement very easy.  If you like quick communication and have a service or product that appeals to the masses then Twitter may be for you.


SnapChat uses photos for people to communicate with each other on a day-to-day business.  At first, people were a little skeptical of how this could build a business, but lately, people have found massive marketing success using this platform.  The idea of people loving to do business with people they know is true, and SnapChat gives your audience an inside look at your life and your workflow.

What’s your favorite Social Media platform?  Let us know in the comments below!




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