4 Ways to Find Success in Writing Great Content

Often times, entrepreneurs will skip out on content writing or blog posting because they are putting money into marketing, anticipating that it will bring them success. Marketing your business can only go so far if you don’t keep adding, developing, and improving your optimization strategy. Why is blogging so important? Blogging has several benefits, but first you need to know the proper way gain success from writing great content.

Focus on the Audience

Focusing on the audience is impossible, unless you know who your audience is. So naturally, determining your target audience is crucial to your content marketing plan.

Typically, entrepreneurs and business owners will try to generalize their content, in hopes that they will be able to satisfy a larger community. However, that is not necessarily the most effective strategy.

When it comes to content writing, it is important to write for your targeted niche market. Why? Because customers and users normally tend to look something up directly. Some may search for “cars” but a majority will search for a specific car for sale near them, car modifications, specs, etc.

That being said, writing more direct content does not keep you reaching a larger audience, but helps you to be noticed for more specific topics, in addition to more general topics. Look at your competitors content, your customer base, and demographics to help you write great content.

Keep it Relevant

On top of users liking well-written content, they also gravitate toward content that is fresh and relevant. When developing relevant content for your business or website, consider these few tips:

  • Keep your meta description engaging and informational
  • Help the reader to solve a problem or answer a question
  • Ensure your content is up-to-date with new information and current practices

At the end of the day, content writing is less about how well you write, and more about the usability and mechanics of what you are producing. As long as you are generating content that is relevant to your business, and discusses your concept and services, you are on the right track to high-quality optimization.

Engage the Reader

Let’s be honest, as business owners or content writers, our main goal is keeping visitors and customers coming back for more. This will not happen, unless you provide the reading with useful and engaging content.

Engaging the reader has a lot to do with creativity. Usually, for professionals who write content for clients or their own companies, it comes natural, because it is something they are passionate about doing. If you are passionate about what you are writing about, the success will follow.

Keep Your Posts Consistent

There are four key factors to consider when ensuring that your posts are consistent, both in style and frequency of posting.

  1. Popularity: Once you have a good following on your website or social platforms, you’ll want to keep those numbers. Produce content, even if its short and sweet.
  2. Voice: Finding your voice is significant to determining your writing style. Try to keep a stable approach and tone.
  3. Frequency: Time is money. How often are you posting? If it takes you a few seconds to think about the last time you posted, it is probably time to post a new blog entry.
  4. Authority: This is a big one. Your SEO reputation is important, and some proper SEO consulting can help you to regain authority. Remember, higher authority creates a better opportunity to be ranked on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP). 


In review, competition online can be a bit aggressive. You want visitors to keep circling back to your website, and stay on your website for extended amounts of time. That is what Google, and other search engines, love to see. So step out of your comfort zone and start creating great content. Invest in your success.


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