Whether you’re new at business marketing, or a seasoned SEO master, you know the importance of Google for optimization. In fact, it may be hard to picture a world without the marketing benefits of Google.

Some of us are solely avid Google search engine users, and just transitioning in optimization. If you’re one of those people, you may be curious about exactly what benefits of Google optimization to expect.


5 Benefits of Google and SEO

Google is a seemingly endless portal of knowledge. Naturally, it would be accurate to assume that it functions as more than just a search engine. When using Google for business optimization, you almost immediately reap the benefits of your efforts.

Due to Googles acclimation to business optimization, Google may be the best search engine to put your time and money into. Here is what we found to be the biggest benefits of Google for SEO:

  1. Ads are more effective.
  2. Better business recognition.
  3. Competitor intelligence.
  4. Customer knowledge.
  5. Increased brand credibility.


Effective Ads on Google

When it comes to placing advertisements on search engines, most will accommodate your needs. However, advertisements on Google typically get you a bit more business. As the most regularly used search engine, typically businesses will see a majority of traffic coming from Google.


Gaining Better Recognition

Once people see some more traffic to their website, they will begin to gain recognition. Gaining recognition, granted your website is operating smoothly, will help you to rank higher on search engines.


Competitive Intelligence

As one of the most advanced search engines on the market, Google provides the most competitor information. Whether you use Google Insights, Google Trends, or both, you will have the information needed to put you a step ahead of the competition.


Better Customer Knowledge

Customer knowledge is huge. Knowing what your customers or consumers are looking for can help you determine what keywords to target. This can be done through keyword research. Keyword research, which Google just so happens to be amazing with.


Increasing Brand Credibility

Last, but certainly not least, is brand credibility. If you are ranking higher on search engines, customers will continue to visit your page. If you are getting page visits, you will sell more of your products or services. Not coming up on those search results could lead to people thinking that your site is not credible.


Reaping the Benefits of Google

Google is the place to be when optimizing your business online. Clearly the benefits of Google are pretty extensive. If you can optimize professionally and effectively, you will see almost immediate success.


If you aren’t quite seeing the results from the time you are putting in, it may be time to seek some professional SEO coaching. Additionally, if you are someone who is seeing results from your efforts, we want to hear about it! Leave a comment and let us know what is helping you to gain success!


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