Google has taken great leaps since it first started in someone’s garage. Now, it’s a multibillion-dollar business that has taken over the internet. As a brand, Google’s goal is to organize the information available globally, allowing the average Joe easy access to it.

These Useful Google Tools Are a Must-Try for Everyone

To do that, the company has developed multiple programs to cater to a person’s every need, from emails and search engines to calendars and maps. It’s a powerhouse. Google has even kept a close eye on innovative tech start-ups that have created applications they can further integrate with the system. To give you an insight on just diverse Google has become, here are some of its most widely used and most useful Google tools.


Perhaps it’s most popular tool is its email service. It was first introduced in 2004. Since then, it has become the email of choice for the global majority. This product was initially tested within the company, then a few small populations.  Years later, it was made accessible to the public.

What was distinct about Gmail when it was released was the multiple options that you can arrange your email by. Now, it seems like a no brainer, but that was Google’s innovation. If you’d notice, Gmail constantly makes changes that allow the user to customize the organization of his emails.

Google Calendar

A lifesaver for busy people, the Google Calendar was first released in 2006. This tool is free and very handy if you manage multiple projects. It syncs to any device you use, allows you to share schedules with your team, your partner or your friends. It makes planning so much easier and faster to monitor. You can open a few calendars, compare schedules and avoid conflicts.

Think with Google 

Think with Google is a tool where Google provides data insights into digital marketing.  It provides an “inside look” at the latest Google data.  They market this tool as “a resource for everything from high-level insights to compelling stats and useful tips.” 

 Test My Site 

Google allows you to test your website with their test tools!  This is a part of Think with Google, and allows you to test the mobile speed of your website-   Simply visit, and enter your website.  Google will analyze your site, then test it on an average mobile connection to see how fast it loads.  This is a valuable tool since mobile use is swiftly rising.  You can also get a report with all of the information you need to speed up your site.

What’s your favorite Google tool?  Let us know in the comments below! 

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