If you have not yet begun using paid search ad platforms, then you will be happy to know that this has the power to change the pace of the growth of site’s traffic, and even the conversion that you get out of that pool. Essentially, what a paid search ad does is display ads for your company when particular users look up anything that relates to your product or services. This is especially effective when it is targeted to your area and to people searching for your service. That way, your ads online are not showing to random people. They are seen by people who you can convert to customers.

 Try Using These Common Paid Search Ad Platforms

To help boost your site’s performance, here are some of the most common ad platforms and their corresponding benefits.

  • Google AdWords

Thanks to Google’s wide popularity, their pay-per-click is also one of the most popular ad platforms currently used. It boasts a 67% market share, which also translates to a bigger traffic in comparison to its competitors.  Placing your ads here will give you access to its millions of users that are currently seeking your products or services.

If you are willing to spend the dime, you don’t have to wait to reach the top position. This platform is unlike other ad platforms in the industry.

  • Bing Ads

This can be a more affordable alternative to Google AdWords.  Although they have a smaller traffic, it’s still one of the largest competitors on the market.  In fact, a lot of companies use this ad platform to test the response to their ads and keywords.

  • Facebook

If Google is the biggest search engine, Facebook is its social networking site counterpart. With a strategically-placed ad, you will be able to access the one billion users that are on Facebook. These are also mostly active users, with half the population checking in on a daily basis. Facebook has also made sure that you are able to reach people of a specific demographic and area, thanks to its targeting options.


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