Before 2013, when Facebook successfully proved their role in online marketing, advertisers were unsure how the goldmine of data on Facebook could ever be used strategically. Now, every smart marketer spends time understanding, crafting and implementing Facebook ad targeting.

Understanding Online Marketing Through Facebook Targeting

Despite its popularity and the praise it gets from many brands, there are still many who find this approach to online marketing incredibly confusing and difficult. To help demystify Facebook ad targeting here’s all you need to know about it.

Facebook helps you understand purchasing behavior.

Most companies do not have access to the type of data Facebook can provide. Facebook gathers over 1,500 things about each user every year. It allows advertisers to step out of their own CRM databases to find out more about the customer — from the medication they use and the topics that interest them to how they respond to loyalty programs and your ads. These are valuable, up-to-date insights that can help any brand enhance how they target their segment.

When you use Facebook ad targeting, you can choose from different purchasing behavior subcategories, depending on what you believe would best make an impact on your segment. Sub categories include  Food & Drink, Clothing, Health & Beauty and many more. You can further hone the targeting by limiting buyer profiles or widen the scope by adding more than one.

Facebook Allows You to Be Creative

Many assume that Facebook ad targeting is difficult and takes a lot of practice. While that may be partly true, it requires just as much creativity as it does logic and experience. For example, when your company, product or service caters to a particular event — such as funeral services, moving services or wedding planning, you need to focus on the major life events that happen to users.

Facebook has made targeting those life events easier. You only need to be creative with the people you target during certain milestones in their lives. If a family just bought a house, chances are they need a moving service and an interior decorator. A couple who just got engaged might need a wedding planner, locations for the wedding, a caterer and even a honeymoon spot. Companies with those services can aim their Facebook targeting towards that couple and other like users.

You Can Nurture loyal customers through Facebook Ad Targeting

You can also connect with your loyal customers through an advanced feature called “Facebook Custom Audiences” which allows you to reinforce your brand and increase a customer’s lifetime purchase frequency, value, and loyalty. It’s also a great way to increase the effectiveness of your campaign by excluding your current customer from the campaign for uncovered leads such as free trials.

With Facebook, the primary benefit is advanced targeting and insights that will allow you to get to know and reach your ideal audience.  What do you think your audience looks like?  Let us know in the comments below!


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