Website Analysis & Audits

Professional Website Audits & Analysis

Our 133 point website evaluation system has been developed from years of hard work and experience in the search engine optimization business. This proven system allows us to cover every aspect of your sites strengths and weaknesses to ensure success in the major search engines.

Here Are a Few of the Following Areas Our Professional Website Analysis & Audits Cover:


  1. Crawling & Index (15 touch points)
  2. Site Architecture (20 touch points)
  3. Title Tags (4 touch points)
  4. Meta Tags (3 touch points)
  5. Content (5 touch points)
  6. Text Formatting (3 touch points)
  7. General Usability (9 touch points)
  8. Images (3 touch points)
  9. Site Speed (2 touch points)
  10. Duplicate Content (10 touch points)
  11. Canonical Issues (5 touch points)
  12. Google Analytics (5 touch points)
  13. Google Authorship & Publisher (2 touch points)
  14. Social Connections (4 touch points)
  15. Internal and External Linking (12 touch points)
  16. Mobile Design (5 touch points)
  17. Local Search (10 touch points)
  18. Pay Per Click (7 touch points)
  19. Videos (5 touch points)
  20. International SEO (12 touch points)
  21. General Domain Issues (4 touch points)


  1. Problem/Trouble spots that might impede top organic rankings
  2. What should be done to the current design to help achieve top rankings
  3. Analysis of your sites copy with suggested changes
  4. Extensive usability/user interface evaluation testing and results
  5. Ideas on which pages might benefit from new copy and optimization
  6. Keyword research using multiple sources of keyword data that people use to search
  7. Site architecture and navigational feedback
  8. How to improve your Title and Meta tags
  9. Browser compatibility check
  10. How the site is currently ranking for relevant keywords

We continually update and add to these assessments to adapt to the various changes in the search engines that happen on a continuous basis. Each assessment is hand reviewed by two different Certified SEO marketers (myself included) and a final assessment is written by me. You would be hard pressed to find another assessment as thorough and detailed as this one.


Your customized assessment will be around 30 pages and come with 2 full hours of personal consulting time  (split up however needed) to review any questions.
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